Gold Price (USD) 1764.31


Novo Announces Inaugural Commissioning Gold Pour at Beatons Creek Gold Project

Ball Mill in Action

Dust suppressant used to minimize gold loss

First Ore feed going into circuit

MIF Conference 2020

Quinton Hennigh presenting at the Commodity Discovery Fund Investor Day 2019.

Dr Quinton Hennigh, presenting at the 2018 Precious Metals Investment Symposium in Perth.

Barry Dawes, Executive Chairman, Martin Place Securities presenting at the 2018 Precious Metals Investment Symposium in Perth discussing Novo Resources

Mechanical Rock Sorting Tests Being Undertaken by TOMRA Sorting Pty. Ltd.

Denver Gold Forum Presentation 2018


Dealers and Diggers 2018

Nugget with rock matrix attached from Comet Well

Rob Beeton at Comet Well

Free Dig Mining at Beaton's Creek

Conglomerate-hosted gold in the Pilbara-Raglan Drilling Geology Lecture Series presents Dr Quinton Hennigh, May 31st 2018, Kalgoorlie

Novo Resources - Comet Well Trench 1

Denver Gold Forum Presentation


Novo Resources - Standing on Golden Nuggets

Novo Resources - Widespread Nugget Mineralization

Paydirt TV | Novo Resources site visit November 2017

Substantial Gold Discovery In Australia - Novo Resources

Bob Moriarty - Novo Resouces Samples 2 Ounces of Gold Per Ton! ! !

Novo Resources Corp. First Bulk Sample At Purdy's, Western Australia.

Novo Resources First Trench At Purdy's Reward,Western Australia


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