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Outstanding Results Achieved From Mechanical Sorting Tests Completed at TOMRA's Testing Facility in Sydney, Australia and Wedel, Germany


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Novo Resources Corp. (“Novo” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: NVO; OTCQX: NSRPF) has recently conducted mechanical, sensor based sorting tests on Egina and Beatons Creek bulk sample material at TOMRA’s Sydney, Australia and Wedel, Germany testing facilities.


Sydney, Australia: Test work conducted utilizing a TOMRA COM XRT 1200 - Gen 1.0 mechanical sorter using X-Ray Transmission (“XRT”) scanning is summarized below:


Beatons Creek:

Wedel, Germany: Test work conducted on TOMRA’s Fine Diamond Recovery (“FDR”) prototype, with ultra high resolution X-Ray Transmission (“XRT”) scanner is summarized below:


Beatons Creek:

Summary of mechanical sorting test results from a 5.4 tonne Egina bulk sample (Sydney):

Starting Material   Sorted Fractions
      % Mass Accepted 1.2 %
    >>>>>>>  % Gold Accepted 100 %
+18 -50mm 14.5 %      
    >>>>>>>  % Mass Rejected 98.8 %
      % Gold Rejected 0 %
      % Mass Accepted 0.3 %
    >>>>>>>  % Gold Accepted 100 %
+6 -18mm 26.3 %      
    >>>>>>>  % Mass Rejected 99.7 %
      % Gold Rejected 0 %
      % Mass Accepted 0.1 %
    >>>>>>>  % Gold Accepted 92.0 %
+0 -6mm 59.2 %      
    >>>>>>>  % Mass Rejected 99.9 %
      % Gold Rejected 8.0 %

Summary of mechanical sorting test results from a 2.8 tonne Beatons Creek bulk sample (Sydney):

Starting Material   Sorted Fractions
        % Mass Accepted 43.0 %
      >>>>>>>  % Gold Accepted 94.0 %
+18 -50mm 47.0 %      
      >>>>>>>  % Mass Rejected 57.0 %
        % Gold Rejected 6.0 %
        % Mass Accepted 37.0 %
      >>>>>>>  % Gold Accepted 82.0 %
+6 -18mm 24.4 %      
      >>>>>>>  % Mass Rejected 63.0 %
        % Gold Rejected 18.0 %


      Awaiting Assay Results  
+0 -6mm 28.6 %      
    >>>>>>>  Awaiting Assay Results  

“These very encouraging results utilizing TOMRA mechanical, sensor based sorters lend further support to the effectiveness of mechanical sorting technology to substantially upgrade and/or process Novo’s nuggety gold deposit styles”, commented Rob Humphryson, CEO and a director of Novo. “Field trials with larger bulk samples under production conditions are needed to validate these highly encouraging, indicative laboratory test results. TOMRA, Steinert and third-party providers have suitable mechanical sorting units available for hire, and plans are well underway to deploy a mechanical sorter into the field this season. We are fortunate to have two world class mechanical sorter providers vying for our business, each with substantial technical support available and commitments to ongoing research and development. Irrespective of which unit is first deployed into the field, we intend to maintain positive working relationships with both major providers to ensure we leverage the inevitable operational improvements resulting from their demonstrated commitment to ongoing research and development in the field of direct gold sorting”.

Description of Test Work

Beatons Creek

A total of approximately 5.6 tonnes of costean-sourced material collected during the bulk sampling program conducted at Beatons Creek in 2018 (see the Company’s new releases dated December 13, 2018 - January 29, 2020 - was crushed and screened at Bureau Veritas’ laboratories in Perth, Western Australia. Sample material was then screened to +0.0/-6.0 mm, +6.0/-18.0 mm and +18.0/-50.0 mm, the same size fractions used during Egina test work (see the Company’s new release dated December 17, 2019 - Half of this material, approximately 2.8 tonnes, was delivered to TOMRA’s mechanical sorting test facility in Castle Hill, New South Wales for test work. Sub-samples of the latter were forwarded to Germany for testing in February 2020, which was further screened into +0/-2mm and +2mm/-6mm size fractions to better test the effects of mechanical sorting at very small size fractions. Utilizing small hand-sorted batches of Beatons Creek material, TOMRA personnel configured suitable scanning methodologies to determine which scanning mode is most efficient at identifying gold particles, with XRT favoured for testing purposes.


A total of approximately 5.4 tonnes of bulk sample material, sourced late 2018 from an area adjacent to Novo’s first Egina bulk sample (please see the Company’s new release dated December 13, 2018 - was screened at Bureau Veritas’ laboratories in Perth, Western Australia into 3 size fractions : +0.0/-6.0 mm, +6.0/-18.0 mm and +18.0/-50.0 mm. Owing to the non-destructive nature of Minanalytical’s ChrysosTM PhotonAssay technique, the Steinert test samples were able to be recombined in totality and forwarded to TOMRA’s Sydney facility, with a small sub-sample of the fines fraction forwarded to TOMRA’s laboratory in Wedel, Germany. Each size fraction was ‘seeded’ with nuggets to enable a demonstration of gold recovery effectiveness. Gold nuggets were recovered by sifting through the accepts concentrates and identifying the gold by naked eye. Assessment of the recovery of very small gold particles of less than one mm must be made by analytic means as these grains are too small to separate from concentrates by naked eye (see Figure 2 depicting TOMRA personnel hand picking 120 nuggets from 35.5g of concentrate). Minanalytical’s ChrysosTM PhotonAssay technique will be used to analyze samples at which point Novo can comment further about the ultimate recovery rate of gold.

Dr. Quinton Hennigh, P. Geo., the Company’s president, chairman, and a director, and a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101, has approved the technical contents of this news release.

About Novo Resources Corp.

Novo’s focus is to explore and develop gold projects in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, and Novo has built up a significant land package covering approximately 13,000 sq km with varying ownership interests. For more information, please contact Leo Karabelas at (416) 543-3120 or e-mail

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Quinton Hennigh

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